Thermodynamic z-score

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Betacoronavirus Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)
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BigWig track format for JBrowse or other genome browsers. The z-score is calculated for each window of the input sequence. For each window we have two sets of sequences: native and 100 randomized sequences with the same nt content. MFE values are calculated for each. If the native sequence always has a much lower MFE than the average of scrambled versions this will lead to a negative z-score (if the native sequence MFE is always more positive, i.e., less stable, then the z-score will be positive). The equation normalizes the value by dividing by the standard deviation between all MFEs. The magnitude of the z-score then, states the number of standard deviations the native (window) MFE is from the random MFEs.
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