Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to RNAStructuromeDB! Here you can find RNA folding metrics which have been predicted for 156 million windows canvassing the entire human reference sequence (hg38). We have some helpful materials about folding metrics and a tutorial for using the RNAStructuromeDB JBrowse genome browser below.

Description of RNAStructuromeDB folding metrics.
RNAStructuromeDB JBrowse tutorial.

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What is this database and how does it work?

You can read about the RNA Structurome DB here: Andrews RJ, Baber L, and Moss W. Sci Rep. 2017.

The RNAStructuromeDB is a repository of RNA folding metrics describing...

Do you have any tutorials for using JBrowse?

We do! Here is a user guide specifically for RNAStructuromeDB: jbrowse.pdf

JBrowse is freely available as part of the generic model organism database...