What is the RNAStructuromeDB?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this database and how does it work?


You can read about the RNA Structurome DB here: Andrews RJ, Baber L, and Moss W. Sci Rep. 2017.

The RNAStructuromeDB is a repository of RNA folding metrics describing the ability of the human reference genome (hg38/GRCh38) to generate structured RNAs. Since the genome is so large, we first fragmented the sequence into 154 million overlapping windows (120 nucleotides long, stepping 40 nucleotides). Using RNA folding algorithms (from ViennaRNA: http://rna.tbi.univie.ac.at/) we have calculated five folding metrics for each window. These folding metrics can be used to infer the structural nature of RNA derived from each window. Find more about these metrics here: folding_metrics.pdf