IGV-ScanFold Supplemental Data


All files contained within this page correspond to the supplemental files listed in "Prediction and Analysis of Functional RNA Structures Within Integrative Genomics Viewer". Each file name is linked to its downloadable page within the RNAStructurome DB.


Supplemental File S1

Supplemental File S1 contains all filtered hg38 genome wide annotation data for RNA binding protein sites, microRNA binding sites, single nucleotide polymorphisms, polyA sites, RNA modifications, RefSeq functional elements, repeat elements, DMS probing data, icSHAPE probing data, and Kethoxal probing data.

Supplemental Video S2

Supplemental Video S2 is an informational video on how to launch IGV-ScanFold, load genomes, and run ScanFold on full length genes and smaller regions of interest.

Supplemental Video S3

Supplemental Video S3 is an informational video on how to generate gene specific annotation and probing data from the datasets in Supplemental File S1 that can be uploaded and viewed on IGV-ScanFold.

Supplemental Video S4

Supplement Video S4 is an informational video on how to upload annotation and probing data tracks to IGV-ScanFold. The video also discusses navigate IGV-ScanFold as well as how to manipulate the tracks according to the users preference. 

Supplemental File S5

Supplemental File S5 contains all of the tracks used to analyze MYC. These tracks include all ScanFold metrics, various annotations, and probing data.

Supplemental Video S6

Supplemental Video S6 is an informational video on how to generate and annotate 2D models of RNA secondary structure found with IGV-ScanFold using the VARNA applet.